Maawa X revolutionizes the need for rapid sheltering through design and technology

published on 17 May 2022

Filling the gap between instant sheltering and rapid housing, Maawa X is a smart, eco-friendly product that provides shelter. This smart house folds from a suitcase and provides ideal shelter in a matter of mere seconds. 

London, UK - Seeing the need for instant housing, Maawa X was created to help the people and the planet. Being an IoT startup, Maawa has designed and shared the alpha release of a solution that is going to put an end to plastic tents and uncomfortable living within these tents.

Maawa X is a solid-structured pop-up smart house. This revolutionary product is also reusable, so if the resident wants to set it up at a different location, at a different time, that can be done as well. Maawa X is lightweight, portable, recyclable, and to be sold for the price of a tent, making it affordable and ideal for rapid sheltering. Maawa expands 12-14 times its size instantly and provides a solar-powered, waterproof, fire-resistant, and insulated living space. 

Maawa X provides protection against weather conditions and theft. This problem is a major issue in open living spaces. Being a highly-innovative product, Maawa X solves the environmental sustainability problem. Rapid sheltering is also not cost-effective. Maawa X is a cost-effective solution that requires much fewer logistics, instant setup time, and no huge effort.

Maawa X is way more than a shelter. The Maawa cloud-based platform enables B2B partners and organizations to analyze, control and communicate with the Maawa units. The platform supports features such as GPS, panic buttons, notifications, content broadcasts, and surveys. The Maawa platform Provides valuable data which can't be acquired from anywhere else. 

“Our goal is to create a dignified and secured living space by building a lean solution with a seamless user experience that can solve the challenges of portability, protection, sustainability, and cost.”

Abdallah Al Raggad - CEO and Founder 

About Maawa: Maawa is a mission-driven London-based IoT startup with an aim to revolutionize rapid sheltering through design and technology. Contact Information

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