published on 14 October 2022

The number of displaced people due to conflict, violence, and human rights violations continues to grow year by year. In 2019 for example, 11.0 million people were forced to flee their homes, followed by 11.2 million people in 2020. It is estimated that the total number of refugees by the end of 2020 have been 82.4 million people. 

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A large proportion of this number includes people who live in temporary refugee camps. Living conditions in these camps are normally poor since accommodations are non-rigid tents and shelters that are prone to security concerns and extreme weather conditions. 

NGOs such as UNHRC have been working hard to improve the quality of life and living conditions in refugee camps for years. To achieve big steps in this vision, we need a disruptive approach to replace the current sheltering solutions. We need to make the shelters smart, safe and protected while keeping the costs within budget. To achieve such big steps, we are developing an alternative rapid sheltering solution with a revolutionary impact that improves the quality of life in refugee camps.


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